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5 different types of logos that you should know

A logo is a cornerstone to a company's digital identification in the digital age. If your company has a recognizable logo, it will be simpler for you to establish a strong online presence.

Here are 5 different types of logos you may consider:

  1. Iconography

  2. Lettermark

  3. Wordmark

  4. Emblem

  5. Combination

What is an Iconography?

Iconography is a graphic or icon-based logo designed to represent the client and their brand. It's a fun, new way to create a logo and we're big fans of it!

  • They are easily recognizable, and universal in their appeal

  • New brands should cautiously use icons as their logo as they are not well established yet

  • They can also be translated into other languages, which makes them internationally acceptable

What is a Lettermark?

Lettermarks are also known as logotypes, monograms, or symbols. They are symbolic representations of a company and are exclusively typographic. The symbols are usually derived from the initials or acronyms of the company, but some companies have chosen to go beyond that by using abstract shapes or letters.

  • Identifiable brand identity

  • A great option to get your new brand out there

What is a Wordmark?

A wordmark logo is an option for those who want to use their complete company name as the logo. It mostly includes the full name of the company without any initials. There are many good reasons why a wordmark is a better choice.

  • Clear on what the brand represents

  • One of the most versatile logo

  • Helps you avoid having to create a new design every time you want to use your logo on something different

What is an Emblem?

An emblem logo design typically includes a shield, badge, coat of arms, or some other insignia. It is usually shaped like a ribbon and it covers the company name within the design.

  • Memorable

  • Traditional

  • Emblem can be very detailed, may not look nice when resized smaller

What is a Combination logo?

These logos combine a wordmark with a symbol or icon, allowing for the usage of one or both parts in a wide range of applications.

  • Versatile

  • When the firm is sufficiently established, it will be possible to remove the wordmark.

However, it's not always easy to design a logo yourself. With our help, you'll have access to a free brand audit which may lead to a brand strategy session and different logo options for your company and we have something for every taste.

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