Pros and Cons of freelancing for mothers

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Many times we questioned our capabilities as a mother. How far we are willing to go for our

kids and family? Many times our heart is filled with guilt when our maternity leave is over, pondering whether we should stay at home to take care of our newborn or let someone else carry that load while you carry someone else’s load at work.

Working at home is not a pocketful of sunshine and rainbows, as much as you’re at the comfort of your own home, you pretty much have to do everything on your own, unless you have a helper with you.

Cons of working at home with kids

You’ll get distracted easily. You have to attend to their every need, and their needs are your priority. Especially, when babies have reached the stage of crawling and climbing onto things; that is where we have to pay attention the most.

You constantly have people messaging you or email you at odd hours. Usually, clients who do this have a sideline, and they are only able to text you after working hours; perhaps when their kids are asleep too.

Most of us do not have an extra room, to make a makeshift office, thus not having a conducive environment to work in.

You are not able to focus on your child fully when you’re taking a break as you are going back and forth with your clients and constantly looking at your phones or desktop for updates.

The isolation of only conversing with your kids, no social contact with an adult.

But working at home has its perks too.

Pros of working at home

You can schedule your time according to your routine set around your kids. But don’t be alarm when it usually does not stick!

You can watch them grow and most importantly be there for their many firsts. Which many working mothers as well as dads miss. And we all know how these tiny achievements make our hearts go.

You don’t have to think of an outfit to wear at home. Heck! Even if you have an online call, you can wear a blouse and PJs underneath, unless there’s an emergency and you need to stand up and attend to your kids. Oops!

You can save money while making money! You don’t have to attend lunches at a restaurant with your colleagues. You don’t have to travel and pay for transportation.

Best part! You don’t have to deal with superiors.

So how do we make our time working at home fruitful?


  • Make a makeshift home office, make it look and feel like a conducive environment for work, at least have a separate desk for your desktop and an organizer for your documents. Make it look like how you would decorate your table in an office!

  • Get a project management tool. Trello helps to keep track of your workflow and you can include clients in it to oversee the project that is in progress.

  • Stagger your work progress, inform them that you will get back to them in a week, but ensure you complete it before and then you can do other client work.

  • Get a separate business mobile number.

  • Use Wave Apps to keep track of your sales. This helps you to do your quotations and invoices without a fuss! They have it in desktop and mobile app too!

  • Use Hoot Suites to help schedule your social media posts. The free subscription allows you to post 10 scheduled post in a month. This helps if you’re handling multiple social media accounts.

  • If you’re unsure on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, use Canva a free app, it’s a drag and drops feature, that helps you layout your posts.

  • Use Hub spot a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to schedule emails.

All in all, we are all trying to be the best mother and role models for our kids. Don’t put yourself down just because you’re working and unable to tend to your child's needs. Don’t be that parent that judges other parents for staying at home and not making full use of their degree.

Hope this helps.

We’re humans after all, constantly learning, constantly upgrading.
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